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New Orleans, 1983 - Plaubel Makina 67

Yale Chrysler - Mamiya 7II - Portra 160 nc

1936 Auburn 852 - Plaubel Makina 67

Johnson House, Florence - Plaubel Makina 67

Johnson House, Florence - Plaubel Makina 67

… to Graydog.org and the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State

Winter 2014 finds me continuing to explore photography, both looking back at previous film images, and looking forward to creating digital images using newer compact photo gear.  More than anything, I’m trying to recapture the fun and excitement I used to have using simple equipment and techniques.

My background is technical (robotics and remote systems), and for five decades I’ve used my photo skills and equipment to complement the technical work I’ve done. Over the last 30 years, I’ve also taken compact large negative film cameras along on business trips mostly in the US, using mostly medium format rangefinder cameras, plus a Hasselblad 501C for studio work. My most used all around camera is a Plaubel Makina 67, and recently I’ve sorted through about 2500 images from that camera and am scanning the best, comparing with a digital camera system that captures the fun of photography in a light and easy to use package.

For now, I’m using a Fuji X100s fixed lens, and a Fuji XT-1, the latter mostly with the 23mm prime, since the field of view is similar to the 80mm on the 6×7 Makina, and the Fuji’s APS-c 23MM. Comparing side by side, I’ve been quite pleased with the image quality of both the Fujis, and delighted with Adobe Lightroom as a replacement for the wet darkroom.

Comparing digital images on screen, there is little difference between the two. So, I’ve elected to compare printed images at 20 x 30 inches, thereby requiring best practices to squeeze the most from the smaller APS C digital negatives. The dynamic range of the digital cameras is really impressive!

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Jim Yount

Glass carving files  – old archive files from 2003 document the fine art glass carving I did. I’ve kept them here, since the web traffic was so strong.

Finding us in Sequim – old archive files that describe how to find us in Sequim. Actually, we’re called out on Google maps, just search for 322 Sunny View Drive, Sequim WA 98382.


Marvin Hoover

Marvin Hoover
This site is dedicated in the memory of our dear friend, Marvin Hoover.
Independent, thoughtful, always fragrant.  To this day, we often ask, “what would Marvin do?’